We believe that work cannot be carried out if it puts health & safety of people at risk, undermines quality of the product and has the potential to harm the environment. We strive to comply with the international standards with respect to safety, health, environmental and quality.

We have therefore developed our own policies, procedures, targets and goals to continuosly align to those standards. We have also created good communication and discussion environment about SHEQ and strive for continuous improvement.


It is our priority that people should go home safely after work the same way they arrived to work. We provide safe working conditions in our work premises and conduct risk assessments for all work we do. “Safety starts with me”

We do so by:

  • Educating ourselves and our staff about unsafe acts and conditions in our working environment
  • Encouraging the reporting of any unsafe acts and unsafe conditions as well as incidents & near misses.
  • Conducting risk assessment for all work we do and implement remedial measures for any risk/danger identified.
  • Providing personal protective equipment to our employees where necessary.


It is our goal to protect and preserve the environment for our generations. We therefore comply with environmental regulations and stop any activity which constitutes to none compliance.

We do so by:

  • Management and controlling of our waste disposal process
  • Educating ourselves and our staff about environmental aspect and impacts of our operations.
  • Encouraging the reporting of any environmental incident & near misses.
  • Implementing remedial measures for any risk/danger to environment identified


“Do it right the first time”.

Our customers pays our bills and salaries; therefore they deserve the BEST SERVICE EVER AT ALL TIMES. We do it right the first time.

We do so by ensuring that:

  • We have put in to place quality management systems that governs our activities and processes from the beginning to the end.
  • Our staff is adequately trained for the work they are doing and should surpass costumer’s expectations.
  • Management do quality spot checks on every work done and encourage the staff to report any deviation from the set standard.
  • We give advice to our clients